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Planning on leaving an imprint on your guests minds…? Some molecular mixology and cocktail chemistry is an absolute game changer!

We have spent over a decade working on unique molecular mixology and cocktail chemistry techniques that wow the palate and astound the mind. It is a visual delight, and guaranteed to excite. We use the pinnacle of cocktail skill to create espuma’s (a type of meringue) of flavoured foams…cocktail “caviar” balls that burst with flavour in your mouth…. Infusions and vapors that scent the glass… smoking guns that add a powerful aged, oaken taste to your drinks… Dry ice cocktails and LED ice cubes that bring your drinks to life!… We etch names and logos onto foams using edible dust or paints… Glow in the dark mocktails… Fire towers and flamed orange, fire dusts and bubbling cocktails. Its all smoke and mirrors over here with our molecular cocktail chemistry.

Molecular mixology and cocktail chemistry cocktail making packages for corporate exhibitions conferences and staff parties
Molecular mixology and cocktail chemistry – Cocktail making packages for corporate exhibitions, conferences and staff parties

Our elite bar team of fine dining liquid chefs of drinks will be in there lab coats and the drinks can be served in conical glassware in a back to chemistry class style with the “Professors” bar package. from £29.99pp. This will definitely cause a stir with you guests.

These packages are unique to our company of world class bartenders and  professional barmen. This would be a fantastic idea for a brand activation or product launch for you business.

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